Benefits of the kombucha tea

Before consuming beverages obtained from kombucha and especially in case of health problems, we strongly recommend our users to see a doctor, as only a doctor is certified to prescribe a treatment. The consumption of beverages obtained from kombucha can in no way replace the treatment, or if so, the user does this at his own risk and peril.


Although kombucha is called, among others, "the fungus with a thousand virtues" or "miracle mushroom", it shouldn’t be considered as being a "miracle product". In the same way that there is no single cause of illness, it is unlikely that a miracle panacea exists.

...a little wink to see the results of the kombucha consumption on the body:


Photo at left:                                 Photo at right:

Without kombucha                       With kombucha

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Harald W. Tietz, Kombucha. The miraculous mushroom, Paris, Amrita Editions, 1998, p. 14